UNFOLLOWORLD is an upmarket
fashion online store for the daring ones who step out of the crowd. A network of independent and established designers worldwide created for you.

“My name is Serge Gakpé, I am 33 and I am a fashion fanatic. I am Franco-Togolese born and raised in Paris, France.”

A Footballer's Dream

At the age of 14, Serge left his family and friends to  chase his dreams by joining the AS Monaco's football academy. He started his professional football career at the age of 18 at AS Monaco and then 5 years later at FC Nantes where he spent 4 and a half years.

This was followed by a few years in Italy and a short stay in Belgium. He also played for the Togo national team for 9 years, where he participated in 3 African nations cups. Currently, Serge plays professional football at Apollon Limassol in Cyprus.

My ambition is to help people
bring out their inner self.
Style is freedom to dare be unique, to love yourself and speak it loud so that people know who you truly are!


“I have always been a fashion addict. I have also been lucky enough to travel the world and discover many new horizons. I have developed my own lifestyle and fashion-sense based on all my travel experiences and pop football culture, using this knowledge to create a unique selection of fashion products for our customers.”


Our epic shop offers a selection of avant-garde designers from all corners of the world. We highlight the singularity of each designer by proposing limited collections to all our awesome customers. From young rising stars to big names of fashion, anyone can strut a unique style with our help.

“A style of clothing often reflects a personality. For us, it's more than that. It is a state of mind.”

3D render of the Unfolloworld shop.
Express yourself freely through the clothes you wear, not being locked into the dress codes that surround us.

“Being both French and Togolese, I had the opportunity to be immersed in a dual culture and grow up with people who, like me, come from various backgrounds. This constant diversity has gradually built my identity and has expanded my perspective, helping me see difference as a gift. I want to help tomorrow's generations evolve, and accept multiculturalism, encourage diversity and, most importantly, embrace equality.”

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