The fashion icon Coco Chanel has labeled the world as a fashion show and every day as a runway however the runway in itself has its own attraction. 

With designers showcasing their glamorous collections, famous models walking the runway with confidence and poise. With various celebrities making guest appearances, fashion shows are always star-studded nights with incredible performances and an expression of world-class talent. Attending a show during Paris fashion week is nothing short of a dream.

Did You Miss the Runway Fashion Extravaganza?

While the pandemic put a full-stop on crowded gatherings, the celebration of Fashion also came to an abrupt halt worldwide. Designers could no longer have their creations out in the world, whereas models and makeup artists were left imprisoned inside four walls during quarantine. 

The Paris Fashion Week began in the last week of September and was in full swing till the 5th of October. The audience's enthusiasm upon seeing their favorite designers and models in person simply could not be expressed into words. Happy faces, flamboyant environment, star-studded stage performances, the aroma of crisp dresses, and the joy from the designers' made the iconic PARIS FASHION WEEK a huge success. 

Hints of Pandemic in the Recent Paris Fashion Week 

The aftermaths of the pandemic were visible in terms of masks and vaccination cards; the emotional trauma of social distancing and quarantine was more than apparent in the designer’s fall collection for 2021. Most designers chose to utilize vibrant colors to symbolize the ending of a dark era and for coming out stronger than before. Paris Fashion Week restored our inner strength and re-energized us to the core with a glimpse of optimistic couture and heavy celebrations.

The creative director of popular brand Dior, mentioning her joy over the commencement of Paris Fashion Week, said, "Fashion is performing, it's performing, but the audience is also really important. [A fashion show] it's not something that you can see only in a video. We adapt ourselves to work differently, but the real way to work with Fashion is to realize a real show"- Maria Grazia Chiuri.

Designers were also happy to see the audience and models coming together shoulder-to-shoulder, unlike Milan Fashion Week, where maintaining three feet distance was a must. The fear of pandemics overshadowed the fashion festivities.  

Upon returning to the in-person show, the head of France's Federation for Haute Couture and Fashion stated with joy, "We feel this appetite for the physical, for the show, we are overjoyed at their return and the presence of other big brands."

Let us walk you through the exquisite designer collections that roared high during the Paris Fashion Week, intending to conquer fear and darkness with love, strength, and great Fashion. 

The Highlights of Paris Fashion Week 

Image: Le defilé L'ORÉAL

The main theme of recent fashion week in Paris revolved around high-spirited color palettes and showing lots of skin. Most designers work their way out around vibrant colors, this time in honor of hope and optimism. The audience seemed to enjoy seeing the designers going off-road and adapting to newer more street wear styles. 

The Dior’s Unusual Collection

Image: Dior spring-summer 2022

Dior is famous for its softest color scheme around the globe. This year in the Paris Fashion Week, the collection truly stunned the audience with the most dazzling colors. The entire collection looked way beyond Dior's statement style, using vibrant colors and minimal to no embroidery. 

The mini-skirts mixed three to four darker colors like deep maroon, red, and blue, while the tops were Dior's signature sleek and body-fitted designs. Using Neon, green, orange, and red gowns reminded you of visiting a floral garden in the midst of the fall-summer breeze. Although there were some that really missed seeing the usual Dior pastel jackets with intricately embroidered patterns, the audience still appreciates the collection, and the change is certainly welcomed.

The designer labeled this collection as a celebration in remembrance of ending dark days loud and clear on the streets. According to the creative director Maria Grazia, they wanted the fall line to remind people of happiness without having to say it. 

Yves Saint Laurent’s Iconic Glam 

Saint Laurent decided to make an appearance at the last minute of the opening show and the ready to wear fall collection for women was spectacular. With so much elegance and class, the designer's sophistication was vividly apparent in the designs. Whilst utilizing flowing colors the contemporary look that Yves Saint Laurent is popular for was clear in all the collection.  

Purple, yellow, and blue body-hugging suits with off-shoulder styles became a hit in the Paris Fashion Week, and there are rumors about the collection bagging the title of the season's best collection. 

YSL repeatedly strikes a bold color palette with fierce styles, and this time they combine it with street style women’s wear, reminding the fashion world that they are renowned for a reason. Through the fashion week, YSL has surely given other designers a challenge.

Giambattista Valli’s Love is in the Air Collection

The famous bridal base designer Giambattista Valli did not leave the pastel hues, and his collection showcased exquisite pieces with the use of Ivory as the base color. His models wore perfect majestic and feminine outfits that would be a dream for any girl to wear in her pre-wedding celebrations or post-wedding dinners. 

Valli knows his girls the best and will always come up with ideas that will hit the city girls close to heart. You can call him the go-to designer for the Beverley girls who will never leave their house without a dash of color on their lips and flowers on their skirts. 

The skin-bearing separates and ruffled tops with lots of volumes exemplify Valli's signature fall collection. 

The Rising Star Kenneth Ize 

Image: Kenneth Ize Spring-Summer 2022

This time, the Nigerian-based designer used all gold and shimmer with vibrant colors for slip-in gowns and body-hugging suits. People rated his collection as an intelligent and relatively safer way of matching style with the current theme and called this designer a rising star for his smartness. 

He explained the main theme behind the fall collection. He stated that "We produce our woven fabrics using the age-long weaving techniques of the Yoruba people in present-day southwestern Nigeria. We merge these weaving techniques with what we consider our version of modernity, creating sync between historical craftsmanship and modern silhouettes.”

Seeing the street wear that was a combination of Nigerian and modern day fashion was refreshing for the audience. The whole collection, if not the best, was a runner-up and definitely a head-turner.

Givenchy’s Spooky Collection

October is all about Halloween, fashion week, and the fall breeze. Mr. Matthew Williams came up with a collection that catered to all these perfectly.

He made the American artist Josh Smith paint the gas tanks,  grim reaper, and wavy white bones on haute couture for the Paris runway. The collection instantly reminded the audience of the upcoming spooky season. 

The Balenciaga Star Galleria 

Image: Balenciaga Spring-Summer 2022

The brand welcomed celebrities and big names from the industry; Naomi Campbell, Amber Valletta, Offset and Cardi-B, to simply name a few. Celebrities walked the stage in signature Balenciaga in a very clever presentation of the collection that featured oversized pieces of denim and graphic accessories. 
The audience rates the show worth the wait after Balenciaga's star-studded runway performance. 

The Balmain’s Anniversary Celebrations

Image: Balmain Spring-Summer show 2022

With Doja Cat performing on stage, the Balmain’s festival was a tribute to the brain behind the brand. Famous models Naomi Campbell, and Carla Bruni were back on runway to support Olivier Rousteing for his 10th anniversary celebration upon the creation of Balmain.

Beyonce, via an emotional message thanked Balmain for introducing a modern street wear that changed the way people look at street wear fashion. While Balmain is famous for including social messages in the showcase of his runway collection, this year was all about celebrating the signature Balmain style throughout the decade.

From silk and gold silhouettes to floor-touching gowns and trench coats- every street wear item was there to help the audience divulge in the world of fashion.